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Welcome New Student

We're happy to have you working out with us.  Here are a few Club guidelines and rules that will help you get started toward earning your Black Belt.

Typical Class:  We start class at 6:00 PM and end around 7:30.  Please feel free to come a few minutes early to warm up and stretch before class. 

  • Line up
  • Bow In
  • Meditation
  • Warm up
  • Requirements
  • Tip Testing/Evaluations
  • Sparring
  • Line up
  • Announcements
  • Bow Out

Line Up: Each class starts with the students lining up by belt rank.  We typically line up 5 people across; listen for the instructors instructions in case this changes.

The most senior student starts at the front right of the room and we line up from right to left, then create a new row starting on the right.  There should be at least 4 feet between rows.  Students who have forgotten part of their uniform (belt, pants or top) line up after the last fully uniformed white-belt; regardless of rank.  Students who do not yet have a uniform line up at the very back of the class.

Bow In: At the beginning and end of each class we bow to the flags and our instructor; This is a sign of respect and honor.

Meditation: This time is given to focus our minds and prepare our bodies.  Sitting quietly and breathing helps your body prepare for and recover from physical activity.  We also use this time to review some Korean terminology.  Finally, since we are training in a Christian Church, we have an instructor or volunteer pray for the health and safety of our students.

Warm up: We spend a few minutes warming up and stretching to help prevent injuries.  Tae Kwon Do is an Art that requires good physical conditioning, more than we can provide in two 90 minute sessions per week.  We encourage students to exercise regularly outside of class.

Requirements: The bulk of each class is spent learning and perfecting our requirements for the next belt level.  For each test you are required to learn:

  • Forms:  1 or 2 choreographed movements and techniques.  
  • 1 Steps: 5 (or more) predefined defense/counter attack techniques against an opponent who attacks with a pre-defined attack.
  • Sparring:  This is un-choreographed "fighting" against another student.  Demonstration of techniques and defense are the goal for sparring.  All students should exercise  extreme control so as not to injure fellow students.
  • Breaking:  Each belt requires a different kicking technique to break a 1" pine board.  

Tip Testing or Evaluations: We take time in a few classes per month to evaluate each student's progress.  This helps us determine when students are ready to test and move on to learn additional requirements.

Sparring: We take time to practice sparring.   We normally practice what we call "Light/No Contact" sparring in class.  The objective is NOT to hurt our sparring partner, but to practice the fundamentals of sparring.  We work on movement, defense, counter-attacks and proper techniques.  Students are required to use control and to not make hard contact.  Students are encouraged to purchase and bring protective gear.  We do have tournament sparring gear (chest protectors, helmets, gloves) for use when we practice tournament sparring.

End of Class: At the end of each class we line up again.  The instructor may have some comments on the class and/or announcements regarding upcoming events.  We bow out and the senior-most student (or other outstanding student) dismisses the class.

Late Arrival: If you arrive after the class has lined up and bowed in, you must obtain permission from the instructor before joining class.  Get fully dressed for class, remove shoes, socks, etc. and go to the front of the class on the side.  Wait for the instructor to bow you in and listen for any instructions he may give you.  Then you may line up in the back of of the class.

Uniforms (do bak):   Once you have become a member and have a uniform, you are required to wear it to each class.  You should also keep it clean and well cared for.  Students may purchase WTKD Tee Shirts to wear in place of their uniform top during the summer months.

Sitting Properly:  During any class, test or special event for Tae Kwon Do, students are required to sit properly.  This demonstrates respect and discipline.  Students may sit either on their knees or cross legged (Indian style). 

Addressing Instructors:  When an instructor calls on student or group of students for action; the proper response is a loud "Yes Sir" or "Yes Mam".  When asking information or permission to leave class, students should bow and wait for acknowledgement.  Addressing instructors or senior belt ranks should include their title and last name.  e.g.:  Mr. Konrath,  Mrs. Morton, or Master Pagniano.

Entering and Leaving Class (do jang):   We appreciate Heritage Christian Church allowing us to use their facility.  Please follow all of their rules regarding sign-in and sign-out.  Additionally, in the Korean tradition, we show respect to our training area by bowing upon entry and exit.  A proper bow is performed facing in to the class, from the doorway.  

Class behaviour:  We expect all students and parents to demonstrate proper classroom behaviour.  We are all here to learn and expect students to listen and obey instructors.  We also ask parents to respect the time and effort of our instructors by helping students stay focused.  Chatting with other parents and/or allowing younger children to wander and make noise is distracting and disrespectful.

Awards and incentives:  Our goal is to help each student do the best they can.  We give quarterly awards, in-class incentives and the Black Belt Club to help motivate students.  Please see an instructor for additional details.