Black Belt Club

The purpose of the Black Belt Club is to encourage and recognize those students which are dedicated to earning the Black Belt and becoming the best Martial Artists they can be.

Members of the Black Belt Club should be examples of high standards, always striving to achieve the best in all areas of their lives, including education, family, work, recreation, spiritual and social. Members of the Black Belt Club are permitted to wear the special uniform in class which signifies their membership in the Black Belt Club.


Black Belt Members

Phuong Pagniano (7th Dan)

Kevin Konrath (5th Dan)

Mike McGee (5th Dan)

Fred Cook (2nd Dan)

Noah Cook (2nd Dan)

Gavin McGee (2nd Dan)

Ian McGee (2nd Dan)

Chris Embree (2nd Dan)

Jennifer Morton (2nd Dan)

Arianne Pingledis (2nd Dan)

Julia Cheung (2nd Dan)

Mai Nguyen (2nd Dan)

Bruce Hall (2nd Dan)

Ishaan Chansarkar (2nd Dan)

Shwetank Singh (2nd Dan)

Jieney Seick (2nd Dan)

Andrew Esker (1st Dan)

Thieu Nguyen (1st Dan)

Jordan Embree (1st Dan)

Josh Morton (1st Dan)

Caleb Morton (1st Dan)

Justin Lindow (1st Dan)

Hannah Esker (1st Dan)

Ian Scott (1st Dan)

Quang Nguyen (1st Dan)

Judi Kifper (1st Dan)

Deborah Lee (1st Dan)

Brad Bonham (1st Dan)

Sean Bonham (1st Dan)

Christian Selmek (1st Dan)

Sean Vo (1st Dan)

Suzi Hall (1st Dan)

Gabe Hall (1st Dan)

Min-Song Kim (1st Dan)

Hannah Morton (1st Dan)

Jonny Buck (1st Dan)

Danny Buck (1st Dan)

Katerini Soison (1st Dan)

Emily Pang (1st Dan)

Chad Helmick (1st Dan)

Kevin Kinisson (1st Dan)

Pranav Nekkalapudi (1st Dan)

Nathaniel Powell (1st Dan)

Scott Mylin (1st Dan)

Jacob Brown (1st Dan)

Daniel Brown (1st Dan)

Zander Tee (1st Dan)

Sheehan (1st Dan)

Tanvi (1st Dan)

Kai Pho (1st Dan)

Nathaniel Troutner (1st Dan)

Andrew Troutner (1st Dan)

Gup Members

Patricia McGee

Tiffany Miller

Julia Clark