Probationary Black Belt (1st Gup)

Probationary Black Belt (1st Gup)


Sparring Footwork Drills

  • Roundhouse, Back, Switch roundhouse, Back, Step-Over Roundhouse, Back, skip roundhouse, Back, Jump-Spinning Roundhouse

    • Roundhouse, Back & Block, Roundhouse, Step-Over Ax, Back, Wing-block Back Pivot, Skip Side Kick (opposite direction)


Review all previous forms focusing on the Taeguek Series.

Creative Form - Student must develop their own form.

Self Defense

A self defense skit incorporating techniques from One Steps, Hapkido and any other relevant styles the student has learned. One or more opponents. May also include accompanying music.

Free Sparring

Multiple opponents

Legal contact area and point area

Advanced sparring techniques

Advanced combination kicks and punches

Counter attacks

Board Breaking

Four direction kicks. The student is expected to demonstrate power, speed, spinning and jumping techniques.

Front jump snap kick to students height.

Single brick or tile with palm heel.


3 Hours


  • 100 Pushups

  • 100 Crunches/Sit-ups


  • All previously learned stances


  • All previously learned blocks


  • All previously learned Kicks


  • All previously learned punches and attacks

Minimum Class Attendance

Six months of training

General Knowledge

  • Club Rules

    • Student Creeds

    • Count to 10 in Korean

    • Advanced sparring techniques

    • Sparring Rules

      • Legal contact area and point area

    • 5 Tenets of Tae Kwon Do

      • Courtesy

      • Integrity

      • Perseverance

      • Self Control

      • Indomitable Spirit

    • Meaning of Korean Flag

Philosophical Goal


Examples of verbal questions judges at promotion test might ask

    • Anything...