Five Tenets of Taekwondo

Courtesy ( Ye Eui – 예의 )

Politeness and respect for others, behaving in a well-mannered and civil fashion.

Integrity ( Yom Chi – 염치 )

Showing good character, honestly, prudence, and decency. Behaving ethically and morally.

Perseverance ( In Nae – 인내 ) 

Purposefully pursuing a course of action despite of difficulty, resistance, or discouragement.

Self-Control (Geuk Gi – 극기 )

Keeping ones emotions, desires, and impulses in check, and exercising control in their expression.

Indomitable Spirit ( Baekjul Boolgool – 백절불굴 )

The spirit that can’t be broken or conquered, the strength of spirit that comes from the knowing one’s self.