Purple Belt

Purple Belt (5th Gup)


Sparring Footwork Drills

  • Roundhouse, Back, Switch roundhouse, Back, Step-Over Roundhouse, Back, skip roundhouse, Back, Jump-Spinning Roundhouse

    • Roundhouse, Back & Block, Roundhouse, Step-Over Ax, Back, Wing-block Back Pivot, Skip Side Kick (opposite direction)


Taegeuk Oh Jang (5th) - Wind, symbolizes the "Sohn", one of the 8 divination signs, which represents the wind, meaning both mighty force and calmness according to its strength and weakness. New movements are Downward Hammerfist Strike, Inward Elbow Strike, Elbow Target Strike (AKA Elbow Smash) and such stances as Rear Cross Stance. This is characterized by the successive blocks such as low block and middle block.

Yul Guk - Pseudonym of Yi I (1536-1584), Philosopher and scholar. Nicknamed "Confucius of Korea".

One Step Sparring

Review previous 25 one step sparring, White - Blue.

Free Sparring

One opponent

Legal contact area and point area

Advanced sparring techniques

Combination kicks and use punches

Counter attacks

Board Breaking

Axe Kick


1 Hour, in class


    • Downward Hammerfist Strike

    • Inward Elbow Strike

    • Elbow Target Strike


    • 35 Pushups

    • 35 Crunches/Sit-ups


  • Rear Cross Stance


  • Inward Middle Block


    • Axe Kick

    • Side Kick + Punch

  • Jumping Back Pivot Kick

  • Hook (Half-Moon) Kick

  • Double Roundhouse Kick

Minimum Class Attendance

Six months of training

General Knowledge

  • Club Rules

    • Student Creeds

    • Count to 10 in Korean

    • Basic sparring techniques

    • Sparring Rules

      • Legal contact area and point area

    • 5 Tenets of Tae Kwon Do

      • Courtesy

      • Integrity

      • Perseverance

      • Self Control

      • Indomitable Spirit

Philosophical Goal

Indomitable Spirit (Baekjul Boolgool – 백절불굴)

Examples of verbal questions judges at promotion test might ask

  • What is the meaning of Indomitable spirit?

  • What is the meaning of Taegeuk Oh Jang?