Red Belt

Red Belt (3rd Gup)


Sparring Footwork Drills

  • Roundhouse, Back, Switch roundhouse, Back, Step-Over Roundhouse, Back, skip roundhouse, Back, Jump-Spinning Roundhouse

    • Roundhouse, Back & Block, Roundhouse, Step-Over Ax, Back, Wing-block Back Pivot, Skip Side Kick (opposite direction)


Taegeuk Chil Jang (7th) - Mountain, symbolizes the "Kan", one of the 8 divination signs, which represents the mountain, meaning ponderosity and firmness. New movements are Double Knifehand Low Block, Augmented Palm Heel Inward Middle Section Block, Scissor Block, Knee Kick, Middle Section Opening Block, Double Uppercut, Low Section Cross Block, Outward Back Fist Strike, Target Crescent Kick, Side Punch and such stances as Tiger Stance and Ridinghorse Stance. Smooth connection of movement is important for training.

Hwa Rang - The group of noble youth of the Shilla Dynasty instrumental in developing Tae Kwon Do. The 29 movements represent the 29th Infantry Division, where Tae Kwon Do developed into maturity.

Self Defense

5 self-defense techniques

Free Sparring

One opponent

Legal contact area and point area.

Advanced sparring techniques

Combination kicks and use punches

Counter attacks

More advanced kicks (i.e. Axe Kick)

Board Breaking

Wheel Kick - Speed


1 Hour, in class


  • Tiger Stance

  • Ridinghorse Stance


  • Double Knifehand Low Block

  • Augmented Palm Heel Inward Middle Section Block

  • Scissor Block

  • Middle Section Opening Block

  • Low Section Cross Block


    • Wheel Kick

    • Knee Kick

    • Target Crescent Kick


    • Double Uppercut

    • Outward Back Fist Strike


    • 45 Pushups

    • 45 Crunches/Sit-ups

Minimum Class Attendance

Six months of training

General Knowledge

  • Club Rules

    • Student Creeds

    • Count to 10 in Korean

    • Advanced sparring techniques

    • Sparring Rules

      • Legal contact area and point area

    • 5 Tenets of Tae Kwon Do

      • Courtesy

      • Integrity

      • Perseverance

      • Self Control

      • Indomitable Spirit

    • Meaning of Korean Flag

Philosophical Goal


Examples of verbal questions judges at promotion test might ask

    • What is the meaning of Balance?

    • What are the meaning of Taegeuk Chil Jang?